The BLS degree requires completion of a 30 semester hour track. Each track is divided into a set of Foundation and Upper-Level course work.

Expression in Writing and Arts

The Expression in Writing and Arts track allows exploration of interconnections between literature, writing, visual arts and creative expression.

Requirements for the Expression in Writing & Arts Track

Health and Human Studies

The Health and Human Studies track provides a foundation in the health sciences with a focus on social aspects of health care.

Requirements for the Health and Human Studies Track

Family, Community and Social Support

The Family, Community and Social Support track focuses on human relations effectiveness in the social service sector.

Requirements for the Family, Community, and Social Support Track

Justice and Ethics

The Justice and Ethics track explores ethical and moral solutions for contemporary social issues related to criminal justice and political systems.

Requirements for the Justice and Ethics Track

Global Studies

The Global Studies track enables students to understand global issues and perspectives.  

Requirements for the Global Studies Track

Organizational Studies

The Organizational Studies track focuses on management skills used in business enterprises.

Requirements for the Organizational Studies Track