Degree Planning

Planning and monitoring your progress is essential to successful completion of your degree program.

Understanding your degree requirements and how to utilize the UI’s online tools is imperative for a successful undergraduate experience.

Take the time to review your BAS or BLS degree requirements, access and evaluate your degree audit, and become familiar with the UI’s course numbering system and course delivery methods.

Degree requirements include:

  • total hours that count toward the degree,
  • UI residency hours,
  • general education requirements,
  • upper-level requirements,
  • requirements specific to your degree program, and
  • GPA requirements. 

Additional Programs of Study

You have the option to earn additional Programs of Study within your BAS or BLS degree. Although you can add these Programs of Study at any point, deciding early allows the most efficient course selection, minimizing your total hours to graduation.

If you are planning to pursue professional school after graduation from the University of Iowa you may want to add a pre-professional designation to your Program of Study. Pre-professional Designations