You may use your Hawk ID, University ID number or Student Identification Card to identify yourself when communicating with your advisor or other university personnel.

University ID

All UI students are assigned an eight-digit identification number. Your number is unique and protects your identity and student records. You will be asked to provide your UI ID number by your advisor and other University personnel. To find your ID number please log in to: MyUI.

For your security and privacy, when communicating with UI faculty and staff, please use only your University ID number and NOT your Social Security Number.

Student Identification Cards

Students taking UI courses, whether online, on campus or at official off-campus sites, are eligible to receive a UI student identification (ID) card. To receive a UI photo ID card with full privileges, students must go to the University ID Card Programs Office (also known as the Iowa One Card Center) in Jessup Hall on the Iowa City campus. All individuals must show a valid government-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport, to obtain a UI photo ID card. Please see Iowa One Card Center website for location, hours, requirements and contact information.

Students at a distance may request a limited-privilege UI nonphoto ID card using the this form. Please note that the University Book Store no longer allows students to charge using a nonphoto ID card.