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Congratulations on choosing The University of Iowa! You have chosen one of the top 35 public research institutions in the country (U.S. News & World Report, 2017 edition). We have been delivering quality distance education since 1951 and our online degree programs bring you an affordable and accessible experience at Iowa.

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Our Getting Started section will guide you through the initial stages of admission and let you know what to expect as your application is being processed. 

The first step is to APPLY!  Then please proceed through the remaining links which contain essential information to start your education at the University of Iowa.

If you have any questions along the way, please don’t hesitate to contact an advisor at

New Students

If you are new to the BLS or BAS program, please APPLY NOW to review the application process and submit your online application!

The following are needed to complete your application for admission:

  • Official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended
  • Documentation of military training, if applicable
  • $40 application fee


Returning Students

Previous UI students who have been absent from the university one year or more will need to complete the APPLICATION FOR RE-ENTRY.

The following are needed to complete your application for re-entry:

  • Official transcripts for any college course work taken since you were last at the UI.
  • $20 application fee


Students should send official transcripts to:

Office of Admissions
The University of Iowa
107 Calvin Hall
Iowa City, IA 52242-1396

A Hawk ID is your username for online access to MyUI (University of Iowa's student portal). You can register for courses, view tuition, set up email, change your mailing address, and various other functions through MyUI.

If you do not already have a Hawk ID and password, you will be prompted to set these after you submit your application.

If you have questions about your Hawk ID, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 319-384-HELP (4357) or visit the Hawk ID Guide for assistance.


HawkID Login


Forgot your Hawk ID and/or Password?

In the future, if you don’t know your Hawk ID, you can look it up online at the Hawk ID guide.  If you don’t know your password, follow the link on the HawkID login page or contact the ITS (Information Technology Services) Help Desk to have it reset. Please call 319-384-HELP or 319-384-4357; for security purposes, the ITS Help Desk will NOT reset passwords by email.

ITS Help Desk hours are available here.

Once you know both your Hawk ID and password, you should reset your password to one you will remember. You can change your password or hints at any time or you may reset your password if you forget it. Passwords expire every six months. ITS sends email notification before your password expires.

For additional information about your Hawk ID, email and other services, please visit the ITS Help Desk.

MyUI ( is the University of Iowa’s student web portal that manages student academic, personal and financial records.

Log in to MyUI, using your HawkID and password to monitor many aspects of your student life, from application through graduation and beyond, including:

  • Admissions Profile
  • University ID, HawkID, password
  • Name, Address, Email
  • Degree Audits
  • Courses
  • Registration
  • Class Schedule
  • Iowa Courses Online (ICON)
  • Financial Aid
  • Billing
  • Transcripts
  • Degree Application
  • Student Resources

Don’t know your HawkID or password? You can look up your HawkID online at the HawkID Guide or reset your password when you log in.

Need additional assistance? Contact the Information Technology Services (ITS) Help Desk at 319-384-4357 (HELP); for security purposes, the Help Desk will NOT reset passwords by email.

After you have submitted an online application for admission, you should access your Admissions Profile for up-to-date details on your application. Your Admission Profile will list the status of documents and transcripts the Office of Admissions requires, and will display your admission decision once your application is finalized. The profile also provides your University ID, directs you to set up your email and lists your Academic Advisor.

To access your Admissions Profile, login to MyUI and click on the Student Information in the top menu bar, and then navigate to the Incoming Students section.

Admissions Profile

Email and Office 365

Office 365

The primary campus email and calendaring service at the University of Iowa is Office 365 which provides access to Microsoft Office for free over the internet. Students most commonly access Office 365 online at

In addition to email and calendaring features, Office 365 also provides up-to-date access to other programs such as Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint to name a few. All of these programs are available to UI students at NO CHARGE. UI Office 365 is located online or in the cloud so you can access it virtually anywhere. Additionally, students have the option to install Microsoft Office for free on up to five personal devices.

More information on Office 365 including a full list of features can be found at


The University of Iowa requires every student to maintain a valid UI email account for official communication with University administration and interaction with advisors and professors. Students are expected to check their UI email regularly. Email is the primary communication source from the UI.

For your privacy and the protection of your student record, UI faculty and staff can only correspond with your UI address.

Set-up your UI email account (required):

Each student is assigned a standard University of Iowa email address, also referred to as your email alias. This is most commonly in the form of "" (for example:"").

1) You must activate this UI email address by taking the following steps:

  • Log in to MyUI using your HawkID and password.
  • Select the Student Information menu choice at the top of the page.
  • Under the MY UIOWA options (bottom left-hand side), select My Email> Request Email Account.

2) Route your email to Office 365:

  • Your UI email address needs to be routed to Office 365 and NOT an external/private account.
  • Under the MY UIOWA options (bottom left-hand side), select My Email> Update Email Routing/Forwarding Address.
  • Select the button to route to Office 365.

3) Access your UI email account:

  • Go to Office 365 email at
  • Log in using your HawkID and password.
  • From the Office 365 home screen click on the Mail icon.

Set email filters (optional):

  • We encourage you to set your email filter to manage which categories of student organization information you wish to receive.
  • Email accounts default to automatically receive email from all student organizations, so it is important to set your filters if you wish to restrict the amount of email sent to you.
  • Under the MY UIOWA options, select My Email> Email Account Filter.

Forward your UI email address (optional):

If you wish to have your UI email forwarded to an external or personal email address, please visit the instructions on the ITS website at

We recommend you utilize the option to keep a copy of all forwarded messages in your Office 365 account.

If you choose to forward your email to a personal account, you should make sure that address is set to accept all email from addresses as you are responsible for all email sent to your UI email address.

Important Information:

  • Current students should NOT route their email address to an external or personal address. All UI addresses should be routed to Office 365 and use the forward option within Office 365, if desired. UI email addresses routed to an external or private email address are not guaranteed to receive vital email sent from the UI. If you wish to access all of your email in one place, you should forward your email from your Office 365 account (see above).
  • If you’re not enrolled in a UI course, your Office 365 account will become inactive after 2 years.

  • For help using email see Email Support.

You may use your Hawk ID, University ID number or Student Identification Card to identify yourself when communicating with your advisor or other university personnel.

University ID

All UI students are assigned an eight-digit identification number. Your number is unique and protects your identity and student records. You will be asked to provide your UI ID number by your advisor and other University personnel. To find your ID number please log in to: MyUI.

For your security and privacy, when communicating with UI faculty and staff, please use only your University ID number and NOT your Social Security Number.

Student Identification Cards

Students taking UI courses, whether online, on campus or at official off-campus sites, are eligible to receive a UI student identification (ID) card. To receive a UI photo ID card with full privileges, students must go to the University ID Card Programs Office (also known as the Iowa One Card Center) in Jessup Hall on the Iowa City campus. All individuals must show a valid government-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport, to obtain a UI photo ID card. Please see Iowa One Card Center website for location, hours, requirements and contact information.

Students at a distance may request a limited-privilege UI nonphoto ID card using the this form. Please note that the University Book Store no longer allows students to charge using a nonphoto ID card.

BAS and BLS Online Orientation will introduce you to information that will be important for you as a new student at the University of Iowa. This online orientation is offered via the university’s learning management system called ICON, or Iowa Courses Online, and will need to be completed prior to registering for courses.

You should enroll for the orientation for the semester you have applied to start the BAS/BLS program.  You will need your HawkID and password to log in to the BAS and BLS Online Orientation.

Summer 2018 New Student Orientation

Fall 2018 New Student Orientation


Previous Orientation Sites: 

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