The main purpose of registration is to select and register for courses you will take the following semester. Registration serves as a good time to check your academic progress toward your major and degree requirements. You will use MyUI to register for classes, to access information regarding your courses, grades, degree requirements (including progress in your major), financial aid, and billing services, among other things.

You are required to receive authorization from your assigned academic advisor before you register for classes. Completing the Registration Planning Tool (RPT) is the best way to communicate.

Here are some important dates to keep in mind when planning registration for future semester.

SUMMER 2017 October 10, 2016 March 6 - 10, 2017 Date varies, depends on course
FALL 2017 February 6, 2017 April 10 - 21, 2017 August 21, 2017
WINTER 2017 August 14, 2017 November 6 - 17, 2017 December 27, 2017
SPRING 2018 October 9, 2017 November 6 - 17, 2017 January 16, 2018


Advisor authorization is required to register each semester.

Keys to preparing for registration

  1. Review your degree audit in MyUI and identify unmet degree requirements.
  2. Preview courses on MyUI and check prerequisites or enrollment restrictions.
  3. Complete the Registration Planning Tool to receive advisor authorization.
  4. Pay your U-bill and check for other registration holds.
  5. Log into MyUI to view registration dates and time (listed under Courses/Registration).
  6. If it has been 12 months or longer since you have taken a UI class, you must submit a Returning Student Application.
  7. If you've enrolled in another college or university since you last took University of Iowa courses, send an official transcript to the University of Iowa Office of Admissions.


Preview Courses on MyUI

Prior to registration, view which courses are being offered in the upcoming semester. You may need to change the semester in order to see classes offered for a different session (i.e., Spring, Summer, Fall).

Course Descriptions can be viewed by clicking on the title of a course in MyUI. Course descriptions can help you select courses that meet your interest. Faculty can also be great resources for information about particular courses.

Be mindful of listed prerequisites and restrictions.


Know your registration date and time

All admitted or enrolled students are assigned a registration date and time by the Registrar’s Office based upon the number of semester hours earned as listed on the Degree Audit. Your assigned date and time for registration can be found by logging onto MyUI and selecting Courses/Registration on the menu bar.

The Registration Planning Tool (RPT) is an interactive web form designed to help you understand vital components of your Degree Requirements and to guide you in selecting courses. You will be emailed instructions to complete the RPT each semester prior to early registration. You will log in to the RPT using your HawkID and password. Using this tool, rather than email, will help expedite the advisor authorization process.

The RPT provides information on your degree program, prompts you to answer some questions regarding your progression through Degree Requirements and allows you to enter potential course selections for your advisor to review.

When you submit the RPT a copy goes to your advisor who will assess your plan and let you know if there are any issues. You will also receive a copy of the RPT submission as a record of the information you submitted on the form.

Ideally the RPT will be submitted by students before registration begins so any questions may be addressed before classes begin filling. Together with your Degree Audit, the RPT provides a clear format to see your progress toward graduation. 

Registering for Courses

1)  Review registration eligibility in MyUI

To register for courses log in to MyUI and click on Courses/Registration in the top menu.

On this page you will view:

  • your registration date and time
  • any registration holds you may have
  • whether you have been authorized to register by your advisor

Your registration eligibility is normally posted in MyUI about one month prior to early registration for each semester/session.  Addressing any issues in advance of your registration time will help ensure that you are able to register for classes on your assigned registration time.

2) Complete the Registration Planning Tool

All students should complete complete the Registration Planning Tool (RPT) to obtain advisor authorization to register.  The RPT is generally available around the first of February for Summer and Fall registration, and first of October for Spring registration.  It is highly recommended that you complete your RPT as early as possible, so you may propose a tentative course schedule for your advisor to review.  Please review the previous section on the RPT for more information.

3) Search and enroll for courses in MyUI

Registering for your courses during your assigned time will increase the likelihood of getting your preferred courses. You will not be able to register before your assigned registration time, but can register any time after your assigned time has passed.

When searching and registering for courses, make sure you have selected the appropriate semester/session and enter any additional criteria.  Use the Delivery Mode boxes at the bottom of the search page to filter by distance and online courses. 

More information on distance education courses, such as searching, enrolling, and starting your course can be found in the COURSES section on the Distance and Online Education website


After you search and select a course, add the course to your schedule by clicking the Enroll Button.


Adding or Dropping a Course

Click here to view the Registrar’s website about adding courses dropping courses, or withdrawing from all of your courses. If you need assistance with registration changes, please call 319-335-2852 or email for assistance.

Fall/Spring:  You can add or drop semester-length courses on MyUI for the first five days of the fall and spring semesters. On the sixth day of the semester you will need permission to make changes to semester-length courses.  For off-cycle courses, you can add or drop courses up to the first day of the class. On the first day of the class you will need permission to make changes to off-cycle courses.

Summer/Winter:  You can add or drop your courses on MyUI up to the first day of the class for summer and winter sessions.  On the first day of the class you will need permission to make changes to your course.

  • Dropping courses when permission is required

You may drop courses in MyUI after you have obtained required permissions. To drop online:

  • Initiate the request in MyUI by clicking the drop link next to the course you wish to drop
  • Make note of the permission(s) required to drop the course and proceed with obtaining permissions
  • Once all required permissions have been entered into your student record you can finalize the drop in MyUI
  • You will also receive an email and MyUI message letting you know you can process the drop
  • Adding courses when permission is required

Adding courses when permission is required can NOT be done in MyUI.  Send an email to your advisor and with the following information:

  • Subject Line: Request Add, Your Name & ID number
  • Full course number and section
  • Name of course
  • Include any necessary permissions (instructor, dean, etc.)

Withdrawing Registration

Termination of enrollment in all courses for a semester, even if only one course, constitutes withdrawal of registration. You must notify our office via email at of your withdrawal. Withdrawal from an entire session is noted on the transcript. Students in good standing who withdraw from an entire session receive no credit, but are not assessed any academic penalty.

Consequences of Adjusting Registration

It is a student’s responsibility to understand the financial and academic consequences of dropping or adding a course. Please consult the following: