If you are planning to pursue professional school after graduation from the University of Iowa you may want to add a Pre-Professional designation to your Program of Study. Keep reading for more information on Pre-Professional designations for BAS/BLS students.


BAS/BLS students can add the Pre-Law designation to their Program of Study. If you have an interest in going to law school after earning your bachelor’s degree you should talk to your academic advisor about adding the Pre-Law designation. If you decide to add Pre-Law you will have access to a Pre-Law advisor. The Pre-Law advisor will help you make course choices, assist you with LSAT preparation, and advise you during the law school application process. The Pre-Law advisor is located in Academic Advising Center (AAC). You can read more about the Pre-Law designation on the AAC website.


The BAS/BLS degrees are entirely online therefore many of the Pre-Health designations are not possible for distance and online students to complete. Pre-Health designations require extensive science course work. These science courses require lab work that has to be completed in person. Pre-Mortuary Science is the one Pre-Health designation that is available to BAS/BLS students. If you are interested in Pre-Physical Therapy, Pre-Physician Assistant or one of the other Pre-Health designations, you can add one of them to your Program of Study. You will work with a Pre-Health advisor in the Academic Advising Center (AAC) to determine the requirements you will need for applying to a Physical Therapy or Physician Assistant program. Contact your academic advisor if you’re considering a career path in the health sciences and are interested in a Pre-Health designation.