The Student Billing Agreement is a commonly used tool among universities for ensuring that students are aware of the financial terms and conditions when registering for classes. It also articulates the methods the university may use to collect unpaid U-Bills. 

The Student Billing Agreement

  • outlines the terms of student financial responsibility when enrolling in UI courses
  • outlines university policies for billing, charge disputes, payments, overdue payments and collection
  • includes an agreement to receive electronic delivery of billing documents
  • includes an authorization to apply financial aid to outstanding charges on the U-Bill

This agreement must be signed each semester prior to registering for future classes or students will not be able to register. In the Financial Aid and Billing section of MyUI, the Billing section has a financial documents link. You will have the ability to verify each session’s agreement through this link. Please read the entire document carefully and contact for clarification, if needed.


  • Log in to MyUI.
  • An Important Notice will pop up. Press, 'Review the Form.'
  • Go over the form.
  • Press, 'I Agree.'