Your Degree Audit is a formal evaluation of your previous and current academic course work and an analysis of what degree requirements you still need to complete to graduate. It is your responsibility to monitor your audit to ensure you are meeting degree requirements. All degree requirements must be met to earn your UI degree.

It is important to request and review your Degree Audit frequently:

  • As you prepare to register to identify unmet degree requirements.
  • After you register and your future enrollment is listed.
  • After the end of the semester when grades have been posted.

A real-time Degree Audit must be requested each time to review the most up-to-date information.

How to Access Your Degree Audit

Degree Audits are generated in MyUI. To run a new degree audit:

1. Log into MyUI, 
2. Press STUDENT INFORMATION in the gold bar across the top, 
3. Navigate to “Degree Audit” in the Advising section, 
4. Choose "Declared Program of Study" in the "Type of Degree Audit" section, 
5. Press "Request Audit," then
6. Press "Check for Completed Audits."

*Allow approximately 30-seconds for your requested audit to show in the "Recent Degree Audits" section.
*Request a "What-if?" degree audit if you would like to review how your transferred and completed coursework would apply to another program of study.

Degree Audit Codes

Notations will be used in the audit to indicate if you have met specific graduation requirements.

  • OK and a + plus sign indicates fulfilled requirements.
  • NO and a – minus sign indicates a requirement which needs to be completed
  • IP or in progress indicates you are currently enrolled in a course that meets the requirement.


On the top of the page, you’ll see:

  • Your name and University ID number (to update your name complete the official name change form found on the Registrar’s website)
  • Program of Study being evaluated
  • The date the audit was prepared
  • Your advisor’s information

A legend for the symbols used throughout the Degree Audit is provided at the end of the audit.

There are four primary sections of your audit:

  • Section 1: University College Semester Hours, GPA, and Residence Requirement
  • Section 2: University College Regulation
  • Section 3: Core/General Education Requirements
  • Section 4: BAS and BLS Requirements

Section 1: University College Semester Hours, GPA, and Residence Requirements

Until each item is fulfilled or satisfied, a minus sign (-) will appear. Once the item is fulfilled, the minus sign will change to a plus sign (+).

  1. Total semester hours (s.h.) completed
  • Includes accepted transfer work and any UI hours earned
  • GPA calculation is based upon the number in Item 1
  • It does not include your current or future registration
  1. Total semester hours earned towards your degree and remaining hours needed.
  • Does not include your current registration
  • Semester hours listed could be different than the number under Total Semester Hours completed. A maximum of 60 s.h. of credit will be given for all work from two year institutions or as part of associate degree programs. All “excess” credit was reviewed and used to satisfy course requirements and calculate your GPA, but you were only awarded 60 s.h. of credit
  1. 30 s.h. required after admission to the BAS or BLS program
  2. Overall cumulative GPA (2.0 or above in order to graduate)
  3. UI cumulative GPA (2.0 or above required to graduate)

Section 2: University College Regulations

The next section lists your course work and how it applies to the academic rules of University College. The most common rules which could appear in your Degree Audit include:

  • Developmental courses that do not carry any credit towards graduation. Most commonly math courses such as basic algebra are found here.
  • Second-grade-only (SGO) courses. A maximum of three courses can be taken for SGO.
  • Exam credit
  • Transfer courses, including credits and grades, will be listed chronologically. The total hours listed at the bottom is used in factoring Item 2 in the previous section.
  • Transfer courses with a specific UI equivalency, will list the UI department and course number in the Course column. This information helps you determine if you have prerequisites and helps prevent duplicating a course.
  • Current UI registration (if applicable)
  • Future UI registration (if applicable)
  • Courses graded “F” or “N” (not satisfactory) do not count as hours earned, but F grades are factored in to relevant GPAs.
  • Courses with a grade of “I” for Incomplete or “O” for not reported. These courses turn to F’s if not resolved after one full semester. Students may not graduate until these grades are resolved.

Section 3: Core/General Education Requirements

The next section of the Degree Audit lists Core/General Education requirements. Unfulfilled Core/General Education requirements include a link or a listing of courses that satisfy the requirement. Please keep in mind not all courses listed are available online.

Section 4: Degree Specific Requirements

In progress (IP) courses will be factored into semester hour calculations in the Degree-Specific Requirements sections.

Please refer to the section below that pertains to the audit you are viewing.

BLS Requirements (with Tracks)

There are three subsections of degree requirements for this program: Upper-Level Hours, Track Requirements, and Grade Point Averages

  • Upper-Level Hours - 30 s.h. of upper-level course work required​
  • Track Requirements:
    • Track Foundation Course Work (6-12 s.h.)
    • Track Upper-Level Course Work (18 s.h.)​
  • Grade Point Averages: minimum 2.00 required
    • UI GPA
    • Cumulative GPA (both UI and transfer courses)
    • All coursework applied to the track

BAS and BLS-1 Requirements
(BLS-1 degree students admitted prior to Fall 2014)

There are three subsections of degree requirements for these programs: Distribution Areas, Upper-Level Hours, and Grade Point Averages

  • Distribution Areas - three of the five Distribution Areas must be completed
  • Upper-Level Hours - 45 s.h. of upper-level course work required
  • Grade Point Averages - Minimum 2.00 required in four areas
    • UI GPA
    • Cumulative GPA (both UI and transfer courses)
    • All upper-level courses
    • All course work completed after admission to BAS or BLS 1

Emphasis Areas: Requirements for an Optional Emphasis Area are included at the bottom of the audit if emphasis has been officially added.