Apply to Graduate

Applying to Graduate

Congratulations on nearing the completion of your degree!

Submit a Degree Application:  MyUI > Student Information > Degree Application (under subheading Student Life Management).

Degree Application Deadlines:  Visit the UI Academic Calendar

  • Spring semester - February
  • Summer session - June
  • Fall semester - September

You apply for the academic session in which all requirements will be met. You can graduate at the end of a Fall, Summer or Spring academic session. If you complete your degree requirements in the Winter interim session, you’ll graduate the following Spring semester. 

As you plan to submit your degree application, you should request and review an updated Degree Audit to ensure that you have a plan to complete all your remaining degree requirements needed for graduation. We highly encourage you to consult with your advisor to ensure your program requirements are being met.

The Registrar’s Degree Application webpage has all the details!


University College is seeking a student commencement speaker for the Virtual Commencement Ceremony. For each commencement ceremonyastudent is selected to address the graduates in a three-to-seven-minute speech. We are currently seeking candidates for this honor.

Please consider submitting! Your next steps are here:

  • Please email your academic advisor indicating your interest.
  • After consulting with your advisor, you will submit a written draft of your three-to-seven-minute speech to
  • A University College committee will review your commencement speech.

The selected student will then record and submit their commencement speech on or before the deadline indicated during the review process. Directions and tips on recording your speech will be provided.