Planning and preparation are important steps to getting into both required and desired courses each academic session. Please note: Advisor authorization is required to register each semester.

Keys to preparing for registration

  1. Review your degree audit in MyUI and identify unmet degree requirements.
  2. Preview courses on MyUI and check prerequisites or enrollment restrictions.
  3. Complete the Registration Planning Tool (RPT) to receive advisor authorization.
    • The RPT opens in early February for summer/fall courses, and early October for spring courses
  4. Pay your U-bill and check for other registration holds.
  5. Log into MyUI to view registration dates and time (listed under Courses/Registration).
  6. If it has been 12 months or longer since you have taken a UI class, you must submit a Returning Student Application.
  7. If you've enrolled in another college or university since you last took University of Iowa courses, send an official transcript to the University of Iowa Office of Admissions.

Preview Courses on MyUI

Prior to registration, view which courses are being offered in the upcoming semester. You may need to change the semester in order to see classes offered for a different session (i.e., Spring, Summer, Fall). See Important Registration Dates for the dates that courses are listed in MyUI.

Course Descriptions can be viewed by clicking on the title of a course in MyUI. Course descriptions can help you select courses that meet your interest. Faculty can also be great resources for information about particular courses.

A note about prerequisites and restrictions: Prerequisites and course restrictions can affect your ability to enroll in a course. For more information on prerequisites and course restrictions you will reach out to the course department. Course department information is found near the bottom of the page of the course summary in MyUI.

Courses with a Tippie College of Business department listed: Request to Enroll in a Restricted Tippie Undergraduate Course

Know your registration date and time

All admitted or enrolled students are assigned a registration date and time by the Registrar’s Office based upon the number of semester hours earned as listed on the Degree Audit. Your assigned date and time for registration can be found by logging onto MyUI and selecting Courses/Registration on the menu bar.