Org Studies Track

The Organizational Studies track focuses on management skills used in business enterprises.

The track requires 12 s.h. of foundation course work and 18 s.h. of upper-level course work (courses numbered 3000 - 4999) offered by distance education.

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Foundation course work—Must complete 12 s.h. 

  • BAIS:2800 Foundations of Business Analytics (3 s.h.)
  • BUS:2300 Searching for Business Information (1 s.h.)
  • COMM:1816 Business and Professional Communication (3 s.h.)
  • COMM:1819 Organizational Leadership (3 s.h.)
  • COMM:2010 Communication and Organizational Culture (3 s.h.)
  • ECON:1100 Principles of Microeconomics (4 s.h.)
  • ECON:1200 Principles of Macroeconomics (4 s.h.)
  • ENTR:2000 Entrepreneurship and Innovation (3 s.h.) 
  • JMC:1500 Introduction to Social Media (3 s.h.) *NEW* Course added to list for Fall 2024
  • MGMT:2000 Introduction to Law (3 s.h.)
  • MGMT:2100 Introduction to Management (3 s.h.)
  • STAT:1020/PSQF:1020 Elementary Statistics and Inference (3 s.h.)

Upper-level course work—Must complete 18 s.h.