Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership & Philanthropy (Effective Fall 2019) | BAS & BLS
The University of Iowa


The Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership and Philanthropy is collaboratively administered by the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, and the Department of Management and Entrepreneurship. The certificate is awarded by University College.  

The certificate meets the needs of students who have a desire to prepare for a career in a nonprofit role and/or who may impact the nonprofit sector through volunteering on a board, committee, or project.

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Online Curriculum

To earn the ONLINE Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership and Philanthropy, students must successfully complete 21 semester hours (s.h.) and maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA in all course work. 

Click the course link to view the distance education offering in MyUI/Courses. If MyUI displays "no course is found" then a distance education section is not offered in the semester you searched. Use the “Session” drop-down list to change the semester you are viewing.

Required Courses (9 semester hours):

At least 3 semester hours*: 

  • JMC:3720 Nonprofit Communication ( Prerequisite JMC:3710)
  • MGMT:3600 Nonprofit Organizational Effectiveness II (Prerequisite MGMT:3500)
    *Can take both, in which case one will count as an elective


Required Field Experience (3 semester hours):


How to add the certificate to your program of study

Current BAS/BLS students can add a certificate program to their plan of study at any time by sending an email to their assigned academic advisor asking to formally declare the certificate. Once added, a separate degree audit will be produced.

How to remove the certificate from your program of study

Current BAS/BLS students can email their assigned academic advisor to ask to remove the certificate from their plan of study. There is no penalty to remove a certificate program from a plan of study and one may be removed at any time.