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Graduate with your online degree from the University of Iowa!

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Over 1400 BAS and BLS students have graduated with their distance and online degree since 1977!

Congratulations to our graduating class!

It’s a good idea to include your projected graduation date as you plan for each registration so it’s part of your discussion with your advisor. As you get close to completing your Degree Requirements, here are some things you’ll need to know about graduating!

  • You need to apply to graduate. The University of Iowa does not confer a degree without an application.
  • You submit a Degree Application via MyUI > Student Information > Degree Application (under subheading Student Life Management).
  • You apply for the academic session in which all requirements will be met.
  • BAS and BLS degrees are awarded by University College.
  • Commencement ceremonies are in May and December.
  • There is no fee to apply by the deadline.
  • There is a late fee to apply after the deadline and your name may not be included in the commencement listings.

Congratulations on nearing the completion of your degree! Before you apply to graduate you should request and review an updated Degree Audit and consult with your advisor if you have concerns or questions.

You apply for the academic session in which all requirements will be met. You can graduate at the end of a Fall, Summer or Spring academic session. If you complete your degree requirements in the Winter interim session, you’ll graduate the following Spring semester.

Degree Application deadlines are in the UI Academic Calendar—in February for Spring semester, June for Summer session, September for Fall semester.

You submit a Degree Application via MyUI > Student Information > Degree Application (under subheading Student Life Management).

The Registrar’s Degree Application webpage has all the details!

We hope you’re able to participate in your commencement ceremony to mark your accomplishment, but recognize traveling to Iowa City may not be an option for everyone. Either way, we proudly join you in celebrating your graduation!

Bachelor of Applied Studies (BAS) and Bachelor of Liberal Studies (BLS) degrees are awarded by University College. University College (UC) graduates join with College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) graduates for commencement ceremonies.

Commencement ceremonies are held twice a year at the conclusion of Fall semester (December) and Spring semester (May). Because there are more graduates, there are two ceremonies in May. University College BAS and BLS students should consult the Ceremony Participant Lists to determine at which ceremony they will be recognized. See UI Registrar’s Commencement website for these lists and other details.

BAS/BLS degree candidates participating in commencement are required to wear a gown, cap and white tassel. If you are not able to order in person at the Iowa Hawk Shop (bookstore), you can order by phone during the designated time for apparel sales. See Registrar’s Apparel Information (Cap and Gown) webpage for dates and details.

Commencement ceremonies are recorded and posted within 24 hours to the UI YouTube website. Archived Commencement Programs listing the names of degree candidates from each college may be viewed at a late date from the Registrar’s Commencement Programs webpage.

University College recognizes high scholastic achievement by awarding degrees with highest distinction, with high distinction and with distinction, based on the following UI Cumulative and Overall Cumulative grade point averages for BAS and BLS graduates. Students must complete a total of 45 semester hours in residence. Thirty semester hours must be completed prior to the final registration.

3.90 – 4.00   With Highest Distinction

3.80 – 3.89   With High Distinction

3.75 – 3.79    With Distinction

Graduating with distinction is designated by gold stars worn on the left gown sleeve, halfway between the shoulder and the elbow. Three stars indicate graduation with highest distinction; two, with high distinction; and one, with distinction.