Distribution Areas | BAS & BLS
The University of Iowa

You must satisfy the requirements in at least three of the five Distribution Areas to graduate.

To satisfy a Distribution Area:

  • Earn a total of at least 12 semester hours (s.h.) of course work that applies to the area
  • Earn at least 6 s.h. from upper-level courses in the area (courses numbered 3000 – 4999)

Learn how courses are numbered.

Every course, even your transfer work, applies to a Distribution Area based on the department it is offered in.  The sections below list UI academic departments that typically offer online courses for each Distribution Area. 

Expand a Distribution Area, and select a Course Subject code to view the distance education offerings for that academic department in MyUI/Courses. If MyUI displays “no courses found” then no distance education courses are being offered by that department in the semester you searched. Use the “Session” drop-down list to change the semester you are viewing.

Course Subject Code UI Academic Department Upper-Level Exceptions *
AINS American Indian and Native Studies  
AMST American Studies  
CHIN Asian Language & Literature  
CLSA Classics: Ancient Civilizations  
CLSG Classics: Greek  
CLSL Classics: Latin *CLSL:2001 World of Cicero, *CLSL:2002 Golden Age of Roman Poetry
ENGL English Literature  
ENNM English Non Majors Literature  
GRMN German  
GWSS Gender, Women's, and Sexuality Studies  
HIST History  
HRTS Center for Human Rights  
ITAL French and Italian  
KORE Asian and Slavic Languages and Literatures  
PHIL Philosophy  
RELS Religious Studies  
SLAV Asian and Slavic Languages and Literatures  
SPAN Spanish  
Course Subject Code UI Academic Department Upper-Level Exceptions*
ARTH Art History  
ARTS Art  
CNW Creative Nonfiction Writing  
COMM Communication Studies  
CW Creative Writing *CW:2100 Creative Writing, *CW:2870 Fiction Writing, *CW:2875 Poetry Writing
ENNM English Non Majors - Writing  
EVNT Event Planning  
JMC Journalism & Mass Communication  
LING Linguistics  
MUS Music  
PHTO Photography  
RHET Rhetoric  
THTR Theatre Arts  
WRIT Writing  
Course Subject Code UI Academic Department
ACB Anatomy and Cell Biology
BIOC/BMB  Biochemistry
BIOL Biology
CS Computer Science
EES Earth and Environmental Science
MATH Mathematics
STAT Statistics
Course Subject Code UI Academic Department
ANTH Anthropology
CRIM Criminology, Law and Justice
ECON Economics
GEOG Geography
GHS Global Health Studies
IS International Studies
LS Leadership Studies
POLI Political Science
PSY Psychology
SOC Sociology
Course Subject Code UI Academic Department
ACCT Accounting
ASP Aging Studies Program
ATEP Athletic Training Program
BME Biomedical Engineering
BUS Business Administration
CBE Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
CCP Career Center Programs
CEE Civil and Environmental Engineering


Communication Sciences and Disorders
CSED Counselor Education
EALL Education Interdepartmental
EDTL Education: Teaching & Learning
ENGR Engineering (Core)
ENTR Entrepreneurship
EPLS Educational Policy & Leadership Studies
FIN Finance
HHP Health and Human Physiology
LEIS Leisure Studies
ME Mechanical Engineering
MED Carver College of Medicine
MGMT Management and Organizations
MKTG Marketing
MPH Master's in Public Health
MSCI Management Sciences
MUSM Musuem Studies
NURS Nursing
PHAR Pharmacy
PSQF Psychological and Quantitative Foundations
RCE Rehabilitation and Counselor Education
SIED Science Education
SRM Sport and Recreation Management
SSW Social Work
TR Therapeutic Recreation

+Cross-referenced courses, offered by more than one academic department, may apply to different Distribution Areas, depending on which Course Subject you register under.

* Upper-Level Exceptions: For the BAS degree program, there are a select number of courses referred to as “upper-level exceptions” which are lower-level courses that count towards the upper-level requirement.