BLS-1 General Education Program | BAS & BLS
The University of Iowa

The BLS degree requires completion of The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) General Education Program to provide you with a solid foundation on which to build your education, your career and, ultimately, your life as an educated person.

As you begin your study at The University of Iowa, general education courses will help you develop fundamental skills and knowledge that will prepare you for courses in your degree program. Please note that BLS general education requirements may differ from general education requirements for other degree programs at the University of Iowa.

Students entering the University of Iowa for the first time Summer 2011 or after, have to meet the general education requirements below:

  • Rhetoric course work equivalent to Composition II and Speech
  • Interpretation of Literature: 3 semester hours
  • World Languages: fourth-semester proficiency
  • Natural Sciences: 7 semester hours (one lab required)
  • Quantitative or Formal Reasoning: 3 semester hours
  • Social Sciences: 3 semester hours
  • Historical Perspectives: 3 semester hours
  • International and Global Issues: 3 semester hours
  • Literary, Visual, Performing Arts: 3 semester hours
  • Values, Society, and Diversity: 3 semester hours

Students who reenter the University of Iowa or who were admitted to the BLS program prior to Summer 2011, click here to view General Education Program requirements.

The applicability of transfer courses is determined by the UI Office of Admissions. You may view previously evaluated courses using the MyUI transfer course equivalency guide.