Student Appeals | BAS & BLS

Reconsideration of Grade

Students who have a complaint about an individual assignment or course grade should follow the procedures for Student Complaints in the Student Handbook.

Change of Student Records After the Deadline Requests for a retroactive academic change (e.g., drop a course; withdraw; change from undergraduate to graduate status, from credit to audit, from letter grade to Pass/Nonpass) after the published deadline require collegiate approval.

  • Admitted Degree Seeking Students: Students admitted to UI degree programs should contact their advisor or the academic/student services office of their program of study.
  • Continuing Education Students: Continuing Education students, who are not admitted to the UI, require collegiate approval from the University College Academic Standards Committee,

Tuition Refund After the Deadline

Requests for a partial or full refund of tuition after the published deadline should be directed to the Office of the Registrar. Your request will be considered only if you can show that extraordinary circumstances (e.g., illness, personal upheaval, death in the family) affected your ability to follow procedures and deadlines. You must document these circumstances through an independent source.

Find the Tuition Appeal form here:  Office of the Registrar, Forms